Clean with criminal record, child abuse registry and we never hire the wrong people.

Do i need to supply any cleaning products or equipment ?

Luna cleaner provides our clients with Top Notch cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure quality cleaning! All equipment is sanitized before entering clients home for the peace of mind knowing there are no allergens being transfer. But if you have your own products you would like us to use we are more than happy to do so.

What happens if I need to change a scheduled cleaning ?

We realize that from time to time you may need to change a scheduled cleaning. We ask that you let us know at least 48 hours prior to your cleaning appointment to allow us to make changes to our schedule.

What are your rates?

Please call our office during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:00am-6.30 pm) to discuss rates and a cleaning schedule that would best suit you.

How do I pay ?

Payment is made by cash, cheque or visa at the time of cleaning.

What time will the cleaning crew get to my house ?

Our cleaning crew will get to your house at the time you booked your appointment

What areas do you service ?

See service area on the website www.lunacleaners.ca

Do You Supply Everything Required ?

We supply all the equipment and materials required to carry out the task within the agreed price.

How Do We Pay You ?

Commercial customers are asked to pay with cheques and have the invoice attached to it.

Do All Staff Receive Training And Development ?

All managers, supervisors receive ongoing and comprehensive training in the qualities to manage the sites they are allocated. All cleaning staff receive in-house and on-site training in all areas needed to carry out their given duties. All Health and Safety issues and company policies are covered in induction.

Will We Always Have The Same Cleaner ?

Yes, you will always have the same cleaner, if we do have another cleaner with will make sure to introduce them.

Can You Unlock/Lock and Alarm The Building ?

Since cleaning normally takes place outside of regular business hours, this is a regular service that we provide to all clients, large or small.

Can We Contact you Outside Office Hours In Case of an Emergency ?

Of course, in case of an emergency Luna cleaner is on the way! If any emergency please