Dependable & Affordable Solutions

Imagine coming into your freshly cleaned office each day and actually seeing, feeling, and even smelling the freshness!

We are Winnipeg commercial cleaning company, serving in and around Winnipeg areas and we offer affordable janitorial services that are designed to keep your facility, office, or business clean, neat, and organized, no matter the size.

We customize a cleaning plan based on every client requirements. We clean the way you want us to. Take a look at one of our example cleaning check lists.

Start Your Day Right

Starting each work day with an office that offers you sparkling clean, fresh-smelling restrooms, break rooms, offices, and lobbies is proven to make you and your staff more productive and happy. You, your employees, and your visitors will like what they see, and you will feel good knowing it's all handled by Luna's Cleaning Services Winnipeg -dependable and trustworthy staff.

Luna Cleaning provides tailored and affordable commercial and janitorial services. Winnipeg businesses have come to rely on, day in and day out. Choose from our basic or expanded cleaning programs, and pay for only what you need, when you need it.

Let it be any of the cleaning services, you are looking for, we are there to accommodate as per your business needs.

The Cleaning Difference

Being a full-service cleaning provider, At Luna Cleaners, we understand the importance of cleanliness, neatness, and appearance at each facility we clean. Our team takes the hassle out of your cleaning program by staying on top of what we do, which allows you to focus on more important tasks.

We work closely with you to develop a specific cleaning checklist based upon your needs and requirements, and then we execute that checklist on an interval that right for you.

Please check out our sample checklist below.

Special Instructions:

Trash & Recycle (Compost?):

Empty bins; locate dumpster for removing trash from office

Lobby :

Clean all surfaces (touch everything) including furniture

Clean inside and outside glass doors & inside windows

Floors - vacuumed and mopped accordingly

Front Desks:

Clean all surfaces (touch everything) (Do not move stacks)

Floors - vacuumed and mopped accordingly

Other Rooms:

Clean all surfaces (touch everything) (Do not move stacks)

Floors - vacuumed and mopped accordingly

Hallways :

Clean all surfaces (touch everything)

Floors - vacuumed and mopped accordingly

Offices :

Clean all surfaces (touch everything)

Floors - vacuumed and mopped accordingly

Kitchen/Break Area:

Countertops and backsplash all items moved, cleaned, and replaced.

Cabinet fronts cleaned w/ dawn/hot water (If space between cabinets & ceiling - Clean every 3 months)

Clean all surfaces (touch everything)

Stainless steel cleaned, if applicable.

Stove top cleaned including under hood & top of exhaust area.

Sink cleaned.

Kitchen window & blind cleaned.

Outside of all appliances cleaned and top of fridge cleaned (open oven, dishwasher & refrigerator clean the front, sides, door edges(lips), any spill areas)

Inside and outside of microwave cleaned

Wipe down table and chairs (even the bottoms of the legs)

Floors - vacuumed and mopped accordingly


Clean light fixture, vents, etc.

Clean all surfaces (touch everything) (fixtures, towel & toilet paper, decor, etc.)

Tubs, showers, and toilets (inside and outside) cleaned including shower curtain, doors, shower caddy (product items), etc. All around the toilet including base, water hose,value, etc.

Mirrors cleaned

Sinks cleaned

Cabinet fronts cleaned

Floors - Hands & Knees clean floor

General :

Take down cobwebs (Is extra tall pole needed?)

Wipe tops of all doorways as needed

Overall appearance of rooms left neat and tidy

Fingerprints etc washed all doors, woodwork, door-frames, switch-plates and outlets

Clean all blinds, tracks, & sills

Wipe down baseboards

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